What Is The Meaning of Sugar Mummy ?


Sugar Mummy Means a lot of things to different people and can be seen to different people in different ways. I have gone through many definition of sugar mummy on the internet and I have found a lot of meaning which will make you understand more about Sugar Mummy Definition.


So I will take time to explain the term “Sugar Mummy” Means and also drop some definition from some online dictionary or site which have given solid definition to the meaning of these terms.

Sugar Mummy Meaning Given Online

Wikipedia Defined Sugar Mummy Below

  1. An older woman who spends money on a younger person for romantic or sexual purposes.

Urban Dictionary Definition

1) A woman who is duped into believing that a man really wants her; when the man is a freakin’ gold digger lookin’ for a free-ride and some booty on the side.

2) A woman who wants/needs sex and companionship and is willing to pay for it via gifts, trips, and money to their sugar baby.

Other Sites Definition Of Sugar Mummy

Well, aside from being cloying terms of endearment, they refer to someone whom you date in exchange for being showered with gifts and money.

A sugar mummy usually buys lots of expensive gifts for his love interest whether they are in a committed relationship or not.

Our Definition: Sugar Mummy Meaning

Sugar Mummy means as the name says a Woman who is attracted to young men, not just attracted to sexually attracted to young men and are willing to do everything possible in their power and capacity to make these young men theirs only which involves spending money and keeping them well in order for these young men to not leave them.

Sugar Mummy are normally rich women, some working class, some needs attention, some are widowers, some are just sexually attracted to these young men.

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