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Sugar Mummy Phone Number – Sugar Mummy in Lagos

My Name is Rose, I am a lawyer in a popular law firm that belongs to my daddy so I have a very huge percent share of the company or firm, I reside in Lagos. Due to my busy schedule i have not been able to keep a steady relationship, I have tried to manage a lot but did not work out.

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I am currently available to try much more better than I did the other time, I will be available when ever you need me, just call me. I am ready emotionally, Financially and physically (especially that part). I will love to meet you one after the other to finally decide the person I will pick to be mine only.

I am ready to take care of you and every other thing, just let me be there for you. all you just have to do is show me love and love me the right me. Please I am not looking for heart breakers so If you are one I kindly ask you to stay off.

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I have requirement for the kind of men that should apply, You should be long, speaks english well, dress well, good at love activities and ready to show me to the whole wide world as your lover. If you can do or have all that please kindly drop your email below and I will make sure you are the lucky person.

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  1. Jonan
  2. festus
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  6. samuel
  7. khahliso morakei

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