Sugar Mummy Looking For Man Over Here


Exciting news to all!! we have a sugar mummy looking for man over here, so if you feel you can handle it and you are ready to have a sugar mummy who will fulfill your bed needs and you too can satisfy her bed needs too then I guess you are fit to apply but as we normally say, it is up to the sugar mummy to determine if you are worthy to have her and she will contact you but first you should meet her.

Meet The Sugar Mummy Looking For Man

sugar mummy looking for man

Details You Need to Know

Name: Princess Fortune

Age: 35 years

Occupation:  Account Auditor

Hobbies: Dancing and Drinking but read sometimes I “Read”

Likes: Determination, Courage, Honesty

Dislikes: Opposite of my likes

Looking for: I am looking for honest men to be want to be with me and not just because of my money but also because we have been able to create a bond and Love

Requirement For You to Meet Sugar Mummy Looking For Man

Reading from her profile you should have an idea on what she is actually looking for in a man and what she will not accept, she is also ready for a full body medical checkup and prepare for yours also if contacted but now the basic requirement.

  1. You should have a International passport (To follow me to travel on my Trips)
  2. You should hardworking and active
  3. Active especially on the Bed
  4. should be within the Age of 25 years – 40 years old
  5. You should be Single and ready to Mingle
  6. You should be educated
  7. You should be Social

So if you feel you have all that listed above then you have nothing to worry about, you can just need to submit your EMAIL ADDRESS and she will contact you with her contact details, so when you submit email please verify your email in your inbox in order for the message from her to be able to get delivered to the right email.

SUBMIT YOUR Email For Sugar Mummy Looking For Man to Contact You!

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That all you need! and if you are lucky and you get picked, do enjoy your sugar mummy!



  1. Comment:I’m John from Ghana am serious not joke looking for someone to spend the rest of my life with Tel 0273366950/0505852815

  2. Comment:I need sugar mummy contact me I will be wit u for eve am in Dubai call me +971588128636 or my Nigeria number +2347067895350